You’ve worked hard to build your career. You’re smart, trustworthy, and committed. You’ve honed your skills to become the best you you can be.Here's what the skill looks like...

What’s more, you’re great with customers, a strong communicator, and you know how to empower teams. You’ve sharpened your ability to help others become the best they can be.

What’s the next step?

For 40 years, says leadership coach Susan Colantuono, traditional career advice has focused on developing yourself and helping develop others. That approach makes sense, but it’s missing a crucial “third side” of the career development triangle: understanding strategy and financials, where an organization is headed, and your role in moving the organization forward (watch Susan’s TED talk for more).

But how can you do that without getting an executive MBA, studying accounting, or taking a stint on a strategy team?

The answer is to learn business modeling: the process of defining strategy in terms everyone can understand.Immersive practice...

In my experience, the best way to learn business modeling is through immersive practice sessions where, with professionals from diverse industries, you repeatedly build and deconstruct both enterprise and personal business models, all under expert guidance. Such sessions help you explore and clarify your professional identity.

That’s what we do at our Business Model You® workshops — please consider joining us! Our next open session is in Munich in May.

French, Dutch Editions of Online Course Debut

French and Dutch editions of our Redesign Your Career online course are now available. The new courses are taught by longtime Business Model You® community members Nicolas de Vicq and Marijn Mulders, both experienced business modeling coaches and Business Model You® Workshop and Master Class alumni. The English language edition of the course now has more than 440 students.

Large Enterprises Adopting Business Model You®

A growing number of large organizations such as Hewlett-Packard and Google are using Business Model You® with employees. If your organization could benefit, please get in touch.