Certified Practitioner Training

If you have been struck by the power and effectiveness of the Business Model You® method in your own life, and are thinking of using it to help colleagues or clients, consider becoming a Certified Practitioner.

In two immersive days of intensive training, you will master the methodology as taught by its founder, and learn to apply it in your own professional practice. What’s more, you will enjoy powerful feedback from like-minded colleagues from a range of industries, giving you additional insights into how you can use the method both within organizations and as an independent professional.

Participants who complete the two-day training are awarded both paper and digital Certified Business Model You® Practitioner certificates testifying to their expertise and commitment to the methodology. Here are some frequently asked questions about the training:

How much does the training cost?

We set the same basic rate for the Certified Practitioner training everywhere, but total fees vary depending on the city where the training is held (some locations are more expensive due to value-added tax requirements and other factors). Participant fees therefore range from about U.S. $1,300 to $1,600. Training materials, lunch, and daylong refreshments are included in the fee. Lodging and transportation costs are not included.

Are there other certification fees?

No. There are no recurring or annual fees, and no charge for certification other than the training itself. Any additional training or materials are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Could you describe the training in detail?

Broadly speaking, Day One of the training focuses on the end user experience: the experience Certified Practitioners will ultimately provide to colleagues or clients (“end users” of the method). Day Two focuses on the practitioner experience: how to deliver training, consulting, or coaching engagements using the method. 

Day One therefore consists of a complete end-user workshop presented by the founder, so that participants can experience the methodology for themselves as end users. While the focus is on participants applying the methodology to themselves, throughout the day the group periodically steps back to briefly discuss the “hows” and “whys” of specific exercises/approaches.

Day Two extends learnings from Day One, focusing on interactive peer practice and peer observation/feedback, followed by a collaborative team exercise whereby peers design and present training, consulting, or coaching engagements matched to specific professional interests. Ample time is devoted to group discussion and Q&A.

All Certified Practitioners receive an 82-page, full-color Facilitator Guide (bound paper, not digital). This guide contains a complete, 25-page scenario setting forth the full-day end-user workshop in detail, including all exercises, learning points, materials needed, suggested timings, and notes on delivery. In addition, all Certified Practitioners receive the complete set of digital slides used in the end-user workshop. Together the Facilitator Guide and slides enable new Certified Practitioners to immediately deliver powerful and effective Business Model You® trainings anywhere from 90 minutes to a full day in length.

This video offers extensive commentary by a successful Certified Practitioner participant, along with actual training scenes and sample pages from the Facilitator Guide.

Sushma Panikker, senior learning & development manager at the 4,000+ employee Emaar Hospitality Group, talks training from Business Model You, LLC on Vimeo.

Complete agendas for upcoming sessions can be seen at information/registration sites linked to the Events page. Trainings seats are currently available for Amsterdam in February 2019 and San Francisco in April 2019.

What qualifications are needed to enroll in the training?

Prospective participants should have at least 1) five years of progressively responsible full-time work experience, 2) experience supervising, leading, coaching, counseling, or consulting with others regarding work-related issues, and 3) enthusiasm for and basic familiarity with the Business Model You® methodology. This familiarity can be readily gained by reading the book and doing some of the exercises beforehand.

You do not have to be a highly experienced facilitator or charismatic speaker to successfully deliver services using the Business Model You® methodology. The basic workshop method is designed around peer and group work and is logically structured to provide a powerful, engaging experience for all learners. The training itself is an ideal forum for observing, emulating, and practicing good facilitation, training, and coaching techniques.

When and where will the next trainings be held?

We usually do two public Certified Practitioner trainings per year. See the Events page for details.

Is the Certified Practitioner training available online?

No. We believe that live, face-to-face interaction in pairs, small group, and as a cohort is essential, both to fully benefiting from the method as an end-user and employing it effectively as a practitioner. Few people today need more computer-mediated interactions, in our view. Rather, they need more live, face-to-face, “analog” interaction.

Does Business Model You, LLC offer marketing support to Certified Practitioners?

Yes. We maintain an online directory of Certified Practitioners searchable by geographic location, language spoken, and other variables. All Certified Practitioners are eligible to create listings in the directory.

Describe the relationship between Certified Practitioners and Business Model You, LLC

Business Model You, LLC does not require that Certified Practitioners pay a percentage of revenues nor does it mediate practitioner engagements in any way, unless it is to recommend someone to a client with special functional or language expertise (at no charge).  Please keep in mind that Business Model You® is not a franchise or a standalone business system. It is a toolkit for professionals who want to extend their competencies into workplace-related training, consulting, or coaching. Many users already have strong personal brands, though quite a few find theCertified Practitioner training very helpful for sharpening or focusing their professional identities.

What is the relationship between Business Model You, LLC and Business Model Youth, LLC?

Business Model Youth, LLC has developed a high school career curriculum called YouX which is based on the Business Model You® methodology. If you are a public or private school employee with two years of full-time teaching, facilitating, or administrative experience, undergoing the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training automatically grants you Certified YouX Practitioner status.