Legal Guidelines

You may:

• Run coaching, training, or consulting engagements using the Business Model You® methodology

• Print and use both the organizational and Personal Business Model Canvases in accordance with the “Use of Canvases and Attribution” guidelines below

• Use exercises described in the book

• Reproduce the Business Model You book cover in its entirety

You may not:

• Call yourself a “licensed,” “accredited,” “official,” or “credentialed” Business Model You® trainer/facilitator/consultant, or imply any other endorsement by Business Model You, LLC or its representatives, unless you have completed the two-day Master Class-Certified Business Model You® Practitioner course.

• Use or reproduce Business Model You® graphic elements extracted from the book, book cover, the Web site, or any other source, without express written permission from Business Model You, LLC

• Print your personal or organization name on a personal Canvas


Here are some other legal particulars:

Authorship and Ownership Entity

Timothy James Clark is the author of the book entitled Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career. Business Model You® LLC, a limited liability corporation located at 1804 SE 38th Avene Portland, Oregon, 97214 USA, is the owner and administrator of the Business Model You® methodology and related products and services.

Contributing Co-Author/Co-Creator Attribution

Anyone whose name appears on the interior credits page of Business Model You may describe themselves as a “contributing co-author,” “co-creator,” or “original member” of Business Model You.

Trademark Protection

The mark Business Model You® is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. No. 4,304,888, International Classes 16, 35, 41, and 42) for books, articles, off-line and online course materials, Web sites, video presentations, workshops, seminars, Webinars, motivational speaking and other educational services, and online communities.

When to Use the Service Mark

When referring to workshops, seminars, educational services, online presentations/services, or other modalities using the Business Model You® methodology, the ® mark must be used. Because Business Model You is also the name of a book, there’s no need to use the ® mark when referring to the book.

Use of Canvases and Attribution

Use of the personal and organizational Business Model Canvases must follow the creative commons guidelines. Briefly, the personal Business Model Canvas may be printed and used for non-profit or commercial purposes if the following three conditions are met: 1) The URLs and (exactly as just written) appear on the Canvas, 2) the Creative Commons attribution appears on the Canvas as per the above, and 3) you do not print your organization name on the Canvas. The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. Please see for more information.

Use of Artwork

You may use the Business Model You book cover in its entirety in promotional literature, handouts, slides, and so forth. You may NOT exclude any portion of the book cover (or extract any other artwork from the book) and use these elements independently. For example, you may not extract the head image and use it apart from the rest of the book cover. You may use the Forum member photographs page and the table of contents as well, as long as they are presented in their entirety as per the guidelines above.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Business Model You, LLC.