• Are you working in information technology, creative services, or another sector vulnerable to Essential inquiries for enterprising professionalsoutsourcing?
  • Does your team have trouble seeing the “big picture” behind projects?
  • Do you need a fresh way to recruit or develop talent?
  • Are you considering freelancing or starting your own venture?

Those are tough questions without easy answers. Still, you can gain clarity by pursuing two inquiries essential for every enterprising professional. These two inquiries assume that you serve enterprises, either as an employee or as a supplier. Here they are:

  1. How does the enterprise make money?
  2. How do you make money?

These questions may sound obvious or simplistic, but they’re not. Every enterprise — whether nonprofit, government, or social venture — must generate cash to carry out its work. How can one best grasp that crucial process?As a professional, understanding the enterprise business model is vital.

Through business models. A business model is the logic by which an enterprise creates and delivers something valuable to customers — and is paid for doing so. As a professional, understanding the enterprise business model is vital.

But you, too, have a personal business model: the logic by which you create and deliver something valuable to the enterprise — and get paid for doing so. Greater success at work requires not only grasping the enterprise model; it demands understanding and communicating your personal model and how it helps the enterprise.

Whether you want to progress in your current role, change jobs, or start your own venture, you must know 1) how enterprises make money, and 2) how you make money — or can make money, perhaps in new ways you never considered before. Our workshops and soon-to-be-unveiled online course will teach you to pursue these two essential inquiries, step-by-step.