What Clients Say

This is an incredible book. It has changed my own life as well as those of my clients.

Mary_Anne_ShewMary Anne Shew, Small Business Consultant,
Rochester, New York


As an MBA candidate, I’d gleaned bits and pieces of career insight from multiple personality and aptitude tests, but was looking for something more holistic. Fortunately I met Michael Lang, who introduced me to Business Model You during lunch at the Innovation Games Summit. After returning home, I bought the book and used the methodology. I was amazed at my ability to visualize my future career with the Personal Business Model Canvas. I happened to be applying for jobs, so the timing was perfect. I recommend Business Model You to all professionals, whether they’re satisfied with their current jobs or not.

Sarvesh Singh, MBA CandidateSarvesh_Singh
Former Europe Delivery Manager for Astellas Pharma


Business Model You is the ultimate self-coaching book, but to ensure follow-through, I recommend a workshop with the author. The results are remarkable.

Kaori_OkuboKaori Okubo, Japan


I love Business Model You because it gives clarity, focus, and direction — all on one page, with a proven, step-by-step method based on the building blocks of business itself. It’s simple, fast, and effective. The visual aspect is fun and engaging. And, yes — it works!

Brian_LubicBryan Lubic, Professional Development Advisor San Diego State University


Your work is amazing and can be life-changing for people applying it.  I know from experience.

– Annette Mason, U.S.A.


Being a part of the [BMY] community had a profound effect on me.

– Bob Farris, entrepreneur/business broker


An amazing workshop. I have renewed my passion…

– Matteo Fusco, Italy


We were skeptical at first, but after reading Business Model You and attending Tim’s workshop in Amsterdam, we’re convinced that this methodology should replace the outdated career development models that fail to inspire most university students.

– Frans Kaiser, Rutger-Jan Gelink, and Remy LeeflangClass of 2014, Bachelor of Business Administration, Saxion University of Applied Sciences


Tim’s constant energy and his zest for ‘making it happen’ for our clients made him a role model, a mentor, and coach for many of us in the company.

– Frank Yu, Principal Strategy Consultant, chinadotcom corporation, Hong Kong


I’m not sure how but you/your class enlightened me and gave me newfound hope that if I work hard enough I can do anything in life.

– Aragon Liebzeit, B.A. Class of 2005, Portland State University


You are one badass prof. Your honest, direct feedback is the best I’ve ever received.

– Nat Parker, CEO, GlobeSherpa


Thank you for writing Business Model You, it changed my life. I was a sad chemical engineer, now I’m a happy consultant!

– Gustavo Marques Couto, Brazil


The best class so far in my MBA program.

– Shuntaro Kodama, Daiwa Corporate Investment, University of Tsukuba MBA-IB program, Class of 2013


Great course. Best I’ve had in the MBA program. Should be a general requirement.

– Portland State University MBA 2011 official anonymous course evaluation comment


You’re the most professional teacher I’ve had at Portland State University.

– Jacob Szeto, MBA Class of 2010, Portland State University


The reason why I decided to study abroad is you.

– Hajime Kuwayama, Waseda University exchange student, Class of 2010, reader of Saying Yes to Japan


A completely different type of class.

– Hattori Minoru, Yahoo Japan, University of Tsukuba MBA-IB program, Class of 2013


… the most exciting course so far during my MBA. This class is the reason I decided to pursue my studies.

– Marcia Kapustin, MBA Class of 2009, Portland State University


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